According to an announcement from BL publisher Yaoi Underground, Yaoi Underground LLC is now terminated, while Yaoi House LLC's future is still uncertain:

Yaoi Underground LLC will be terminated and the shareholders returned their investments. As for Yaoi House LLC, I leave it to the shareholders to decide how they wish to proceed with the company. I surrender my shares and my stories, all artwork, website, and the Yaoi House trademark. Those who wish to part at this time will have their shares returned to them, and those that decide to take over the organization of the company can determine how my shares are to be divided among them. has more.

According to its latest blog post, BL imprint 801 Media is currently looking for some new reviewers:

Got a blog or website dedicated to yaoi or manga in general? 801 Media Inc. has a couple of open slots on our advanced copy mailing list.

Go here for the rules.

Japanese BL publisher Libre Publishing will be launching a new manga magazine called Kurofune ZERO on May 28th.

Source: Ultimatum

Mainichi Daily News has an article on how a 66-year-old doctor who served as the inspiration for the manga Dr. Koto Shinryojo will "carry on working after spring this year, despite reaching retirement age, thanks to support from local residents."

The Guardian has an article on how manga is influencing a wave of new Chinese designers.

The Star Online reports that eateries in Japan where customers and waiters role play themes from manga, particularly BL manga, are becoming increasingly popular.

SAN MATEO, CA, March 5, 2008 -- Yaoi-Con, the premiere Western fan convention dedicated solely to the yaoi genre of Japanese anime and manga, is pleased to announce its eighth annual event, to be held the weekend of September 26-28, 2008 at the Marriott San Mateo-San Francisco Airport hotel in the South San Francisco Bay area.

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Mediation will be launching a new BL light novel label titled "Hug Novels" on March 10th. 3 novels will be released on the day of the launch:

  • Domestic Love -Kateinai Renai-
  • Otona no Jijou
  • Saite Sakasete Koi no Hana


BL manga review and news site YaoiSuki is closing its doors:

After much discussion, Jordan and I have decided to suspend our BL coverage at YaoiSuki indefinitely. Between my new job and apartment, and a score of complications for Jordan, we simply no longer have the time to dedicate to our regular news and reviews lineup (a fact no doubt noticed by many of you).

The site will continue to be here for those who wish to go through our past reviews, check on some news item that happened, con coverage, forums, etc. But neither of us will be updating for the foreseeable future.

Storefront highlights boys' love anime, manga & more!

GRIMES, IA, February 28, 2008 - Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. continues its 20th anniversary celebration with the launch of (, a new "boutique" powered by the anime superstore that showcases boys' love anime, manga and merchandise.

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Anime and manga retailer Right Stuf has launched a new BL-oriented portal called

Right Stuf is proud to present, where you can find all of the Yaoi, Boys Love, and Shonen-Ai products in Right Stuf???s catalog. Learn a little more about the genre and find anime, manga, novels, and various merchandise covering the 13+, 16+, and 18+ age levels. From hit anime like Gravitation, to popular manga like Fake, and Right Stuf are your number one stop for all things Yaoi!


According to YaoiSuki, Youka Nitta, mangaka of Embracing Love, will be attending this year's Yaoi-Con, which takes place from September 26 to 28.