Heaven!! and Dragon Head have been removed from Tokyopop's Online Exclusives list, and King City has been changed from being an Online Exclusive to being a Diamond-exclusive.

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Irresponsible Pictures has compiled a list of almost all the articles and opinions on the incident involving Tokyopop's "Online Exclusives."

In Part 1 of their Santa Inoue Video Interview series, Tokyopop's Stu Levy mentions that Tokyopop plans to release Santa Inoue's Neighbor 13 (Rinjin 13-Go) manga series.

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In this week's PW Comics Week, PublishersWeekly interviews Tokyopop's CEO Stuart Levy.

ICv2 takes a look at Tokyopop's new website and the exclusive manga it offers. There is also a 2-part interview with TP's Mike Kiley about the Website exclusives:

Tokyopop's Mike Kiley on Web Exclusives, Part 1
Tokyopop's Mike Kiley on Web Exclusives, Part 2

Love Manga also has some views on the article.

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Tokyopop interviews Koge Dobo, creator of Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin. The interview takes a look at Koge Dobo's style, career as an artist, as well as her dreams and hobbies.

New licenses announced at Otakon:

- "Heaven!!" By Shizumi Seino

- "Flower Of Life" by Yoshinaga Fumi

June Manga:
- "Kurashina Sensei's Passion" by Natsuho Shino
- "La Vie En Rose" by Sadahiro Mika
- "Waru" by Hashida Yukari
- "Wagamama Kitchen" by Kaori Monchi
- "Fake Fur" by Yamagata Satomi
- "Paradise On The Hill" by Tenzen Momoko

AoD points out that Tokyopop will make three of its titles available on the web exclusively, the titles are Atomic King Daidogan, One, and

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MangaBlog interviews Tokyopop's Web Community Content Producer, Matt Nixon, on TP's recent relaunch of its website.

TP has announced the following new licenses:

- "Heaven!!" by Seino Shizuru
- "Hibiki??????s Magic" Maeda Jun & Izumi Rei
- "Kamiyadori" by by Sanbei Kei
- "Rure" by Seomoon Dami