The first issue of a new otaku magazine from Kodansha, "Megabi" (Mecha + Bishoujo), will be released on June 2nd. From Junji Hotta, author of "Gainax Interviews" and "Moe Moe Japan", and Toru Honda, who worked on "Denba Otoko, "Megabi" can be considered as the definite otaku book among the many publications that deals with the otaku boom in Akihabara nowadays.

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Kodansha has updated the official site of Beth with more information regarding the upcomnig josei anthology.

The winners of the 30th Kodansha Manga Award have been announced. Kodansha Manga Award is awarded annually to works published in the previous year by Kodansha - one of the largest Japanese publishers. This year the winners are:

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According to "Seiyuu Animedia vol.11" (5/9), there will be a new Mahou Sensei Negima! anime series (Seiyuu: Kanda Akemi and Nonaka Ai).

Kodansha will be starting a new free web comic, MiChao!, through its MouRa website, which will open on April 27th. MaChao!, updated every Saturday, will be providing its user with free manga and illustrations, along with other contents such as photogravure, fortune-telling, and novels. Unlike other web-based manga service before, MaChao! will serialize original titles, some will even be created by well-known authors.