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Right Stuf is having a 33% off sale on all Icarus Publishing titles. The sale, which includes both trade paperbacks in stock and pre-order, lasts until July 18th.

In the latest issue of PWCW, Ed Chavez interviews Simon Jones from Icarus Publishing. In the interview the two discuss the how the manga market has evolved over the years, as well as the difficulties in publishing erotic manga effectively.

Other interesting topics from PWCW include a look at NETCOMICS, Yaoi Press and Japanese manga, and Viz's release of the DVD The Taste of Tea.

In his latest Flipped column, David Welsh interviews Simon Jones from Icarus Publishing. In the interview Simon talks about his experience with Icarus Publishing, the U.S. manga market, and the need for niche publishers.

Also, over at Comixpedia Brigid Alverson interviews Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga, creators of the webcomic Nemu-nemu.

According to its latest blog post, Icarus Publishing has licensed Yamatogawa's Aqua Bless.

Also mentioned is another manga titled Bikini no Reina Sensei by Chataro, the English title of which has yet to be determined.

Simon Jones of Icarus Publishing talks about the current state of the comics market and its effect on small publishers and artists in the article "Ramblings from a shameful publisher". The article touches on the recent CPM/Libre incident, doujinshi artists, as well as some inside information on Icarus Publishing itself.

Icarus Publishing has posted previews of its June 2007 upcoming products (link NSFW), which includes The Spirit of Capitalism, Relish, Comic AG 61, 62, and Comic AG Mega Bundle 5 (issues 31 ??? 35).

Aduld manga publisher Icarus Publishing has announced two new titles:

- Blue Eyes 4 by Tohru Nishimaki
- Afterschool Sex Slave Club by Tuna Empire

imgIkaros Shobo, known for its many moe-related books such as Moe at Tank School, recently released a new book called Introduction to the Magic of Shogi, a book that teaches its readers how to play shogi through seven cute characters. Although the book is scheduled to go on sale on November 6th, many copies appeared in stores on November 1st.

According to Akiba Blog, a note on the cover of the book:

The amazing content of this book is something that cannot be found in traditional shogi books. Seven beauties transform themselves into shogi pieces to teach you the difficult rules of shogi, how to use each piece effectively, and secret techniques to winning shogi games. You will be able to learn shogi by trying to find out more about the girl you like.

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After weeks of hinting, Icarus Publishing (NSFW) has finally announced three of its new licenses:

- "Elements" by Tanuki Kamogawa
- "Oneechan no Onegai/A Wish of My Sister" by Masahiro Itosugi
- "Onegai Yuri Sensei/Please Miss Yuri" by Syowmaru

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The latest blog post from adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing suggests that the company has licensed a yet-to-be-named manga. However, a thumbnail of a portion of the manga cover has been provide as a hint.

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