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According to Heisei Democracy, Hobby Japan will be releasing a collection of short comics titled Happy Fujoshi, which will feature works from 15 BL and shoujo mangaka detailing the daily lives of fujoshi:

"At last, a collection of authentic tales of the fujoshi lifestyle is introduced!", says the ad copy. "We've appointed boys' love and shoujo manga artists to bring you this assortment of happy love-love stories. The unbelievable daily lives of fujoshi will grab hold of your heart!"

Hobby Japan is launching a new TRPG light novel label in October called HJ Bunko G (HJ文庫G). The following light novels will be published under the new label:

Source: LightNovel.org

topThe first issue of Hobby Japan's "new" novel magazine Charano! has been released. A manga adaptation of Kujibiki Yuusha-sama by Shimizu Fumika (author) and Ushiki Yoshitaka (illustrator) began serialization in this issue. The new manga is titled Kujibiki Sisters and is drawn by the same illustrator of the light novel.

Also, the official site of Charano! has opened at www.hobbyjapan.co.jp/hjbunko/charano/.

Source: LightNovel.org

The monthly novel magazine Novel JAPAN is getting a new title: Charano! (キャラの!). Also, the release date of the magazine will be changed to the 30th of every month (from the 10th of every month).

The first issue of the magazine under the new title Charano! will be out on June 30th, 2007. The new issue will see the debut of a new series, D&D replay (DUNGEONS & DRAGONS replay).

Source: Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan has announced that it will release manga series based on Queen's Blade in Japan. The first series, titled Queen's Blade Bitoshi Gaiden, will be released in April. The manga will be fully colored and come with an accompanying drama CD. A Queen's Blade manga anthology will also be released in late April. Other accessories such as mousepads and figurines are also being planned.

Source: ICv2

The first issue of a new monthly Light Novel magazine called Novel Japan was released by Hobby Japan on 9/9.

Source: ANN