Del Rey

According to Del Rey's July newsletter, Ali Kokmen, CPM's former Director of Book Sales, is now Del Rey's new Manga Marketing Manager.

Del Rey has announced the following new licenses:

- "Mushishi" by Urushibara Yuki
- "Kitchen Princess" by Kobayashi Miyuki & Andou Natsumi
- "Shugo Chura" by Peach-Pit
- "Mamotte! Lolipop" by Kikuta Michiyo
- "Parasyte" by Iwaaki Hitoshi (formerly licensed by Tokyopop)

The Comics Journal interviews Del Rey's Dallas Middaugh.

Del Rey has posted their release calendar for 2006 (PDF).

Del Rey announces the acquisition of Densha Otoko, the single volume will be released this December.