Rabbit Valley, an online anime/manga shop, has announced that it will drop all CPM/Be Beautiful products from its catalogue due to the recent copyright issue with Libre Publishing:

NOTICE - Pirated works removed
It has come to the management's attention that several items we sold by the publisher "Central Park Media" doing business as "Be Beautiful" were not authorized, licensed reprints of an artist's work. We have pulled the following items from our catalog: "Golden Cain," "Embracing Love Volume 1," and "Selfish Love" volumes 1 and 2. It is the policy of Rabbit Valley (R) Comics to NEVER endorse piracy of any kind. Until the licensing issue is cleared up, these items have been pulled from the site. Further information is available from the original Japanese publisher's website at

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CMX, the manga imprint of DC Comics, is proud to announce plans to publish TWO FLOWERS FOR THE DRAGON, vol. 1. Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Nari Kusakawa (THE PALETTE OF 12 SECRET COLORS) and is slated to reach stores in Spring 2008.

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More new titles announced at NYCC 07:

Yen Press:
- Spiral - Bonds of Reasoning by Kyou Shirodaira/Eita Mizuno
- Zombie Loan by PEACH-PIT
- Black God by Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park
- Alice in Deadlines by Ihara Shiro

Del Rey:
- Aventura
- Pumpkin Scissors
- Psycho Busters
- Shiki Tsukai

Del Rey also announced a Complete Guide to Manga, a guide book to all the manga released in the U.S.

- Two Flowers of the Dragon by Kusakawa Nari
- Venus in Love by Nakaji Yuuki
- Tears of a Lamb by Hidaka Banri
- King of Cards by Tateno Makoto
- I Hate You More than Anyone by Hidaka Banri

Also, Bandai has announced that it will release its Witchblade manga in June 2007.

- MangaCast


CMX has posted a Happy New Year message on the AoD forum, and made some comments regarding what's to expect in 2007:

Minasan, Akemashite Omedeto-gozaimasu. (Happy New Year to all!)

2006 was a good year for us at CMX; thanks to everyone for the support. We had some great titles released, and some of our older titles got reprinted with new cover designs! (Like this)

2007 is looking good, too. Starting off with GO GO HEAVEN!! GGH, we will introduce more titles this year. Tune in to our future announcements/Press Releases for the brand new series!

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In his latest Flipped column, David Welsh takes a look at the three different versions of Densha Otoko (Train Man) currently being released in the U.S.:

Train Man: A Shojo Manga by Machiko Ocha
Train Man: Densha Otoko by Hidenori Hara - VIZ Media
Densha Otoko by Wataru Watanabe CMX

The Daily Yomiuri also has an article on CMX's version of Densha Otoko, as well as quotes from an interview with its English translator Bonnie Elliott.


CMX Manga has updated its "Ask CMX" column. This time CMX answers the question of how they determine the age rating of a manga, and whether they are interested in pursuing older, shonen titles.

New York, NY - CMX, the manga imprint of DC Comics, announced today plans to publish GON, from renowned writer/artist Masashi Tanaka, for release in 2007.

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CMX has launched a new column called "Ask CMX," where the complany will answer questions sent by the readers.

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CMX has announced the following new licenses:

- "Apothecarius Argentum" by Yamashita Tomomi
- "Canon" Shiomi Chika
- "Dorothea" by Curie
- "Go Go Heaven!!" Yamada Keiko
- "Key To the Kingdom" by Shitou Kiyoko
- "Orfina" by Tennouji Kitsune
- "The Time Guardian" by Kishi Daimurou & Ichinose Tamao
- "Variante" by Igura Sugimoto


CMX Director of Manga Asako Suzuki talks about Tenjho Tenge's editing on the AoD forum.