eigoManga Announces Worldwide Subscription Distribution Via Ebsco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Comic book publishing company eigoMANGA (http://www.eigomanga.com), today announced a magazine subscription partnership with EBSCO. The agreement makes comic book subscription of their titles 'Rumble Pak' (http://www.rumblepak.com) and 'Sakura Pakk' (http://www.sakurapakk.com) accessible worldwide to public schools, universities, hospitals, and military institutions.

"We're very pleased to be involved with EBSCO" says eigoMANGA Publisher and CEO Austin Osueke. "EBSCO is the perfect opportunity to supply our publications to the world stage and cultivate readership to levels that I've never dreamed of."

EBSCO is a leading subscription provider for more than 300,000 title listings from more than 78,000 publishers worldwide. EBSCO has immediately listed eigoMANGA's comic book subscriptions on Amazon.com.

About eigoMANGA
eigoMANGA is a comic book publishing studio that produces original Japanese-influenced comics as well as develops business and marketing projects geared towards the anime industry. Visit http://www.eigoMANGA.com.

'Rumble Pak' is an Original English-language manga anthology series published by eigoMANGA. Rumble Pak showcases original comics created by artists from around the world including a line-up of original stories written and produced by predominantly independent American comics artists. Visit http://www.RumblePak.com

'Sakura Pakk' is an anthology OEL manga series created and published by eigoMANGA that highlights original comics stories created for female comic book readers. Visit http://www.SakuraPakk.com

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., U.S.A., EBSCO Industries, Inc. is a global corporation with divisions and subsidiaries in 23 countries around the world. Founded in 1944 by the late Elton B. Stephens, EBSCO has grown and diversified into more than 40 businesses, including electronic and print periodical subscription services, research databases and related information management services as well as real estate development, property and casualty insurance.

EBSCO's manufacturing operations include commercial printing, point-of-purchase displays, looseleaf binders and packaging products, outdoor products and indoor and outdoor signage. For a complete listing of EBSCO's products and services, visit http://www.ebsco.com