Aurora Publishing Announces Borders Exclusive for Chika Shiomi's Latest Series, Queen of Ragtonia!

Torrance, CA, March 16, 2009 ‹ AURORA PUBLISHING, INC., the innovative manga publishing company that debuted its first releases in 2007, announced a BORDERS EXCLUSIVE for the release of CHIKA SHIOMI'S QUEEN OF RAGTONIA, a chilling and provocative shojo horror/fantasy series currently running in Japan. Filled with suspense, adventure, drama and the emotional rollercoaster a young princess must undergo when faced with a tragic past and an uncertain destiny, QUEEN OF RAGTONIA makes its highly anticipated debut in the United States. After a string of top-selling hit titles both in Japan and in the U.S. such as CANON, NIGHT OF THE BEASTS, and YURARA, CHIKA SHIOMI'S QUEEN OF RAGTONIA Volume 1, rated "T"(Teen) for ages 13 and above, will be in BORDERS Bookstores in March 16, 2009 and will retail for $10.95.

CHIKA SHIOMI'S QUEEN OF RAGTONIA is the noted mangaka's remake of a doujinshi

(fan comic work) that she created prior to her professional debut as a manga artist in Japan. First appearing in the pages of Shodensha's Mugen Anthology Gensou Collection under the Japanese title Ragtonia, the fantasy thriller depicts the riveting story of Princess Falna. She was the only member of her kingdom's royal family to escape the ruthless Necromancer's bloody attack that took the lives of her family and every one who tried to protect her. This turned her into a member of the Ragtonia, a person who has had a part of their body stolen by the Necromancer. On the brink of death, Falna is saved when she makes a pact with the spirit of a dead soldier from her kingdom. Joining forces with a sword-wielding giant and possessing the magical demon-busting sword, the Igliese, she begins her quest to kill the Necromancer, release the Ragtonia and free her country from horror and destruction. All the elements of drama, romance, and adventure that made CHIKA SHIOMI an international success are masterfully woven together in this compelling new shojo fantasy series.

"CHIKA SHIOMI'S amazing talent appeals to both shoujo and shonen readers, and her latest work is sure to captivate fans of all genres in North America. We are very thrilled with the exclusive deal with Borders, for they are the biggest supporter of manga and know how manga works very well", said Nobuo Kitawaki, president of AURORA PUBLISHING, INC. The exclusive will be for 4 months, and the title is going to be available at any other retailers in August, 2009.

About Aurora Publishing, Inc.:
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