Spreading Yaoi Across the Internet

Las Vegas, NV, February 24, 2009 – Yaoi Press invites fans to join their new affiliate program at Everythingyaoi.com.

Yaoi Press began a new affiliate program for their Everythingyaoi.com store. Fans can earn commissions on referral sales, create their own stores based on Everythingyaoi.com's catalogue of over 1,000 items, and recruit other affiliates to generate a continuous passive income. Affiliates earn $2 for each sale they refer to Everythingyaoi.com. When they recruit new affiliates they are paid 5% based on the new affiliate's income.

Affiliates in the program can place one of three banners on their web sites to drive traffic to Everythingyaoi.com. Affiliates can also 'deep-link,' a process where a specific item is directly linked to with a thumbnail image. Yaoi Press' affiliate partner, Clixgalore, generates html pages for those affiliates who want to create their own yaoi web store. The product listings, complete with images and descriptions, link to the appropriate items on Everythingyaoi.com.

About Everythingyaoi.com
Everythingyaoi.com is known for being an exceptional source for BL products on the web. With customer incentives, free gifts, free shipping offers, and discounted prices, the store has grown exponentially since its launch in 2006.

About Yaoi Press
Yaoi is a romantic genre that deals with stories about men in love with men for a traditionally female audience. Yaoi Press was founded in 2004, and has published forty successful yaoi graphic novels. Yaoi Press titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors.

For more information about the affiliate program please visit www.everythingyaoi.com
For more information about Yaoi Press LLC please visit www.yaoipress.com