eigoMANGA Announces The Release Of SAKURA PAKK VERSUS RUMBLE PAK Manga Graphic Novel

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Comic book publishing studio eigoMANGA (http://www.eigomanga.com), has announced the upcoming release of a special graphic novel publication — Sakura Pakk Versus Rumble Pak Graphic Novel — for the first time features a combination of shonen (male-oriented) and shojo (female-oriented) stories from Sakura Pakk (http://www.SakuraPakk.com) and Rumble Pak (http://www.RumblePak.com).

Rumble Pak and Sakura Pakk are Original English-language (OEL) manga anthology publication series that showcases original manga stories created by artists from around the world. Rumble Pak imprint are geared for male comic book readers while Sakura Pakk's imprint is catered for female readers. Both publications debuted in 2004 and rapidly became internationally acclaimed OEL manga publications.

"We honestly never thought about EVER combining Sakura Pakk and Rumble Pak into one", states eigoMANGA's publisher Austin Osueke. "For years everyone of us within our editor to creator teams bitterly wanted to separate both imprints and create distinct identities for them. From time to time there were actually bitter rivalries between the Sakura Pakk camp and the Rumble Pak camps. A local fan asked us to combine our best works into one book. So just for laughs, we put a sample book together and it looked really good. So here we are".

Sample Line-Up From The RUMBLE PAK Imprint Features:

BLEED 1.0 Created By Carlo Borremo
Bleed is the meta-organic robot guardian beast that is protecting the innocent, yet mysterious little girl named Ginger. Ginger is targeted by intergalactic assassins because she may have a cosmic bomb activated inside her body.

THE MONKEY TALE Created By Myung Hee Kim
An American teenager discovers that he's the missing piece and the re-incarnation of a living weapon created to prevent the rise of an ancient demon warlord. In order to follow his fate, he must take responsibility for crimes caused by his past life.

SHORT TRIP Created By Rob McPherson
It's a super-powered Kung Fu Little Red Ridding Hood story of sorts. Join Mail and Let-Let, the youngest members of Okuru-Ro fighting temple in the misty inland of the Middle Kingdom, as they have their first and perhaps last adventure outside of the temple!

YOUR HALF Created By Taras Tymczyna
Set in present day suburbia, Melissa "Liss" Ogilvie was offered by her romantic interest, Kurt, to be his partner in his plans for violent global domination. Instead of accepting the offer, she took the hard suit Kurt designed for her, promised to ruin all his efforts, and abandoned him. The story concentrates on the battle between Liss and Kurt, as well as the complications they experience in their dealings with personal relationships and love.

Sample Line-Up From The SAKURA PAKK Imprint Features:

THE FROG PRINCESS Created by Jeff Loew
Marine Biologist, Larissa Talcott is torn between a renewed love relationship with attorney, Brian Liam, because Brian's law firm is representing a company plotting to renovate a local pond into commercial property. Larissa is driven to stop them in order to protect the ecosystem that inhabits the pond; she is given the nick-name "Frog Princess" by her friends and colleagues. Will Brian and Larissa compromise their solid beliefs for the sake of their relationship?

MID SUMMER'S DREAM Created Silvia Chang
A school celebration of Mardi Gras takes Alice, a high school fortune teller, also known to her friends as the "Goddess of Love" back to a midsummer’s dream of long ago.

NATURA MORTA Created by Abril Espinosa
Wandering the streets on another sleepless night, Nikki finds the mysterious and silent Diego, and takes him home to tend his wounds. Little does she know that Diego is in the hiding from a strange and powerful woman in another realm, and the two worlds will soon collide. The Natura Morta story has many elements of vampirism and gothic themes.


Sakura Pakk Versus Rumble Pak
Intended Audience: 13+
Genre: Anthology
Format: Hard Cover Graphic Novel, 220 pages, B&W, 8.5 x 11, Perfect Bound
Suggest Retail Price: $29.95
Release Date: 02/25/09
Distributor: Diamond Distributors
Diamond Item Code: DEC084011

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'Rumble Pak' is an Original English-language manga anthology series published by eigoMANGA. Rumble Pak showcases original comics created by artists from around the world including a line-up of stories written and produced by independent American artists.
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'Sakura Pakk' is an anthology OEL manga series created and published by eigoMANGA. Sakura Pakk highlights original comics stories created for female comic book readers.
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