eigoMANGA Distributes With Ingram Periodicals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Comic book publishing studio eigoMANGA (http://www.eigomanga.com), today announced a magazine distribution agreement with Ingram Periodicals Inc., a leading provider of direct magazine distribution. The agreement places eigoMANGA's line of comic books such as their flagship title 'Rumble Pak' (http://www.rumblepak.com) in independent and mass-market bookstores nation-wide.

"I'm very excited about the ability to circulate our comics through Ingram" says eigoMANGA Publisher and CEO Austin Osueke. "Ingram is the clear and obvious choice for us in finding a distributing partner because not only can we get the high-profile exposure we aim for but they give us the unique ability to grow our publication at a very comfortable pace."

Ingram Periodicals is a direct-to-retail magazine distributor to major bookstore chains, independent, and specialty retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Hastings. Ingram Periodicals distributes to more than 9,000 retail stores.

About Rumble Pak
'Rumble Pak' is an Original English-language manga anthology series published by eigoMANGA. Rumble Pak showcases original comics created by artists from around the world including a line-up of original stories written and produced by predominantly independent American comics artists. Visit http://www.RumblePak.com

About eigoMANGA
eigoMANGA is a comic book publishing studio that produces original Japanese-influenced comics as well as develops business and marketing projects geared towards the anime industry. Visit http://www.eigoMANGA.com.