DrMaster Presents An Action-Packed End To The Summer


SAN JOSE, CA – September 2008 – DrMaster Publications has announced the release of the new fantasy-action manga Nephylym vol. 1 by Rei Kusakabe, Mamoru the Shadow Protector vol. 2, the comedy manga series by Sai Madara, and The Four Constables-Secret of the Delirium Dagger vol. 2, the kung fu action-packed, brilliantly colored manhua series by Andy Seto and Tony Wong.

Nephylym vol. 1
Shun has a unique power to electrically charge metal materials. A mysterious winged angel-like being named Air picks up on his powers and chooses him to become her partner, thus enhancing Shun's powers. Shun soon finds out that his classmate Sanari (the class hottie), also has a winged angel partner of her own, named Blissful. She explains to Shun that these beings are called Nephylym, and they choose suitable humans to be their "Answerers" to help them purify evil elements (Noirs). Together with Sanari and Tsukasa (Shun's rival in love and an Answerer as well), they battle alongside their Nephylym against Noir that possess human beings.

Mamoru the Shadow Protector vol. 2
Mamoru Kagemori is a dull high school boy who's not handsome, athletic, or intelligent. But he is actually the eldest son of the 400-year-old Ninja clan specializing in protecting their neighbors, the Konnyakus. And the object of Mamoru's protection is none other than their only daughter, Yuna Konnyaku, a natural born accident-prone troublemaker. When Yuna enters an idol contest and makes it to the finals, despite her hilariously bizarre performance, Mamoru has to go all out with his ninja skills in order to fend off perverted judges and crazed fans! But if Yuna becomes an idol will Mamoru still be able to protect her?

The Four Constables-Secret of the Delirium Dagger vol. 2
Emotionless and Yuan-Shan Lan are engulfed in an intense battle, when they discover a spy with evil intentions... While Iron Fist and Cold Blooded fight for their lives as they get closer to finding the evil mastermind behind all the vicious killings. Who is he? And what machinations does he have planned? The plot thickens as more secrets are revealed... You don't want miss out on all the kung fu fighting action!

Nephylym vol. 1, Mamoru the Shadow Protector vol. 2, and The Four Constables-Secret of the Delirium Dagger vol. 2 are ALL AVAILABLE NOW. Nephylym vol. 1 and Mamoru the Shadow Protector vol. 2 are each priced at $9.95. The Four Constables-Secret of the Delirium Dagger vol. 2 is fully-colored and will be priced at $13.95.

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Nephylym volume 1
ISBN: 978-1-59796-181-3
Price: $9.95
Availabilty: 09/28/2008

Mamoru the Shadow Protector volume 2
ISBN: 978-1-59796-184-4
Price: $9.95
Availabilty: 09/28/2008

The Four Constables: Secret of the Delirium Dagger volume 2
ISBN: 978-1-59796-129-5
Price: $13.95
Availabilty: 09/28/2008