eigoMANGA Hosts Japanese Rock Legend, Sugizo In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - eigoMANGA's radio show Shibuya Airwaves is pleased to welcome Japanese rock musician, SUGIZO to San Francisco Japan town's Kinokuniya Bookstore on Tuesday, September 23 and his live concert at The Independent on Monday, September 22.

SUGIZO is one of the founding fathers of '90s Japanese rock and a quintessential figure in today's Japanese music scene. As the guitarist rock band LUNA SEA, SUGIZO helped create a Japanese music movement called 'Visual Kei'; this sub-genre has shaped a distinctive sound, fashion, and lifestyle for Japanese rock which enabled Japan's pop-culture and modern music to enlarge a fan following around the world. LUNA SEA's music has been featured for many of Japan's popular animation and television programs such as "Onmyou Taisenki" (The Chronicles of the Great Yin-Yang War) and "Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake" (God, Please Give Me More Time). Their chart topping singles such as "Rosier" and "Tonight" has sold millions of albums worldwide and filled concert stadiums throughout Asia. LUNA SEA is highly acclaimed and regarded as one of Japan's most successful and influential bands in modern music.

SUGIZO is performing with European group JUNO REACTOR on a US tour in support of their album "Gods and Monsters". SUGIZO and JUNO REACTOR will perform live at The Independent on Monday, September 22 at 10:00pm. SUGIZO and JUNO REACTOR will make a special appearance at San Francisco Japan town's Kinokuniya Bookstore on Tuesday, September 23 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Fans are invited to ask SUGIZO and JUNO REACTOR questions at the in store event.

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Error on Sugizo Concert Posting

The show is tomorrow night, Tuesday, Sept. 23rd at The Independent. Go to either SugizoLove.com or reactorleak.com for more information. You can also check theindependentsf.com as well.

At the bookstore event, Sugizo will be signing autographs after the Q&A. There will also be merchandise, exclusive to the event available as well.