First International HK Comic to Launch in America!


Launching the first issue of their debut title DevaShard across America in September 2008, Hong Kong based company Fluid Friction looks set to revolutionise the comic book and graphic novel industry.

In the long history of comics and graphic novels in Hong Kong, no one has previously attempted to launch a truly international product. However, with 6 markets initially (HK, Singapore, Macau, India, USA & UK) and many more to follow, Fluid Friction looks to be the first to release its graphic novel worldwide and simultaneously in English & Chinese.

Not only will the series be sold and promoted internationally, but the artists and writers themselves are a true blend of East meets West. Featuring local artists from the HK comic industry and artists and writers from the UK and USA, this project represents the kind of cross-border artistic and literary cooperation that is often talked about, but rarely, if ever achieved. From earliest conception to final product these people from very different backgrounds have worked hand in hand to create a book of the highest quality.

Issue one of the graphic novel features a wrap around cover by celebrated comic book artist Simon Bisley. Bisley's extensive work in the industry includes artwork and storyboarding on such comics as Batman, X-Men, Slaine and Lobo. With Issue two currently in production, a second wrap around cover has been produced by Liberty Meadows creator Frank Cho.

Spencer Douglass, business development manager at Fluid Friction commented that: "Over the last 40 years, we have seen Japanese Manga succeed throughout Asia and later the world; we have seen HK Comics spread to China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia and we have seen American and British comics gain a strong foothold in the Philippines and Singapore. Yet until now, no one has ever sought to create a truly international product. That is our aim and we have chosen Hong Kong as the ideal place to create and launch DevaShard because of its admirable integration of East & West and its burgeoning arts scene."

Aiming to spearhead a move to further bring together artists from the East and West, Fluid Friction has taken their initiative one step further by running an international art competition which will feature the work of students from different countries in upcoming issues of DevaShard. The competition was rolled out to over 450 secondary schools in Hong Kong and all universities and vocational colleges.

"Our art competition has been a great success and has had very positive feedback from schools and universities in HK, the vast majority of whom have never been approached with this kind of opportunity before" remarked Douglass.

Although keen to attract new fans to the comic book world, Fluid Friction are heavily focused on their core audience – existing comic book readers. In closing Spencer Douglass' final comments confirm Fluid Friction’s mission

"We really want to immerse the fans. Not in individual issues that follow a single loose narrative, but in an epic world with multiple narratives, multiple protagonists and eventually multiple titles, across multiple mediums.

To learn more about this unique and revolutionary project log on to and of course don't forget to pick up your copy of DevaShard when it comes out in June.

Fluid Friction is dedicated to producing innovative and original graphic novels. Based in the heart of Hong Kong, the company's specialised in-house team takes a unique approach to

the creative process behind graphic novel production, working on every stage from the first conceptual discussion through to the release of each finished product. Fluid Friction's creative minds are dedicated to producing graphic novels of the very highest calibre, with strong storylines and outstanding artwork.

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