Launches Webstore Dedicated To BL Doujinshi And Extreme Japanese Culture

Web-based company hopes to bridge gaps between fans across the world by presenting rare goods in a humorous and amusing manner.

TOKYO, JAPAN – July 24th, 2008 – is pleased to announce the launch of our new dedicated web-store and US office. The establishment of this new E-commerce system will deliver goods into the hands of fans the world over with maximum speed and minimal hassle, all thanks to our new stateside distribution and fulfillment center. Yes, we're back in the USA!

For two years, "TG" has been providing deputy-shopping services and doing on-line sales from our office in suburban Tokyo. Specializing in rare comics, yaoi doujinshi, and all kinds of fun totems from underground Japan, Tokyogetter is devoted to presenting all of the wild and wonderful goods that the islands of Japan can offer with a bent for the humane and the humorous. We fulfill these goals by operating with an unparalleled need to connect with our customers at a grass-roots level.

In addition to our web-store and shipping center services, Tokyogetter will continue to provide humorous and irreverent PG-15 articles about Japanese music, culture, and society to our visitors via our web journal at TG is also currently negotiating with several vendors with regard to manufacturing a line of clothing inspired by modern otaku and web culture.

We look forward to hearing from you. Yoroshiku!

ABOUT TOKYOGETTER: Founded in July 2006 in Kumamoto City, Tokyogetter was originally a post-business school experiment for a group of language students. Now headed by journalist and researcher Evan Jones (, False Prophet Campaign,, Oriental Cinema Magazine, TV Tokyo, etc.), Tokyogetter simultaneously employs a small staff of associates in Japan and America who provide customers all over the world with goods from the streets of Japan. Businesses interested in collaborating with us or utilizing our services may feel free to contact us via our website. launches webstore dedicated to doujinshi and extreme Japanese culture
Posted: Tuesday, July 24st at 5:30 PM via Troy, New York
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