Manganovel to Launch Flash Animation Online Service in Eleven Languages

Tokyo—AlphaCreatio Inc., operator of Manganovel (, today announced that it will expand its on-line download services to include delivery of flash animations in multiple languages. The new service will start this month, and will offer animations in eleven languages.
Manganovel is the innovative on-line service that takes manga out of Japan and introduces them to a global audience. Manganovel allows readers to download and read manga in Japanese, and then takes user-interactivity to a new level by allowing readers to post and offer for sale their own translations of downloaded manga content in a wide range of languages.

In July, Manganovel will release its first animation, "Etora's Wings," an original flash animation by rising animation artist Aruji Morino. The animation will be offered to viewers free of charge, and made available in eleven languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, French, Indonesian, German, Malay, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic. Simultaneously, the manga version of "Etora's Wings" will be released alongside the animation, in both Japanese and English. Manganovel subscribers are invited to post their own translations of the title in other languages, to make the story as widely available as possible.

As it extends the range of its services, Manganovel is also taking steps to extend its reach. In July, the site will start to support Spanish web pages alongside its current Japanese and English content. This will give Spanish-speaking manga fans much easier access to the universe of Japanese manga.

Manganovel delivers new popular manga content each month, and is now visited by manga lovers from over 200 different countries and regions*. The scope of service already includes original content, such as "Parano" by Bell Izumi, and now adds Morino's flash animation titles.

Osaka-based Aruji Morino is a pioneer in manga. His 2001 flash animation, "Tsukinoha Shizuku" created the "web-animation" genre. Mangoanovel will offer exclusive release and distribution of Morino's flash animation titles and monthly episodes of "Etora's Wings".

About Manganovel
Established in June 2007, and operated by Tokyo-based AlphaCreatio Inc., Manganovel is an innovative on-line service that invites people from all over the world to enjoy and participate in the alternative universe of manga—Japanese comics and graphic novels that have won a global audience for their diverse content. Subscribers to Manganovel can not only download well known and new titles, but also make their own translations and upload and sell their versions of the story.

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