Apple Store Hosts In-Store Events For eigoMANGA In Two Cities

San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA - eigoMANGA is scheduled to deliver a series of "Made On A Mac" workshops for the Apple Store in San Francisco, CA on Friday, May 30 at 6:00pm (PST) and for the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday, June 7 at 3:00pm (PST). eigoMANGA's team of comic book artists and editors will be presenting techniques behind their latest publishing and media projects produced on Mac computers.

eigoMANGA first began hosting a "Made On A Mac" workshop at the Apple Stores during the San Francisco store's grand-opening on June of 2004. There the company officially launched it's shojo (female oriented) comic book publication, Sakura Pakk. eigoMANGA made an additional in-store appearance in the San Francisco location during MacWorld Week in January 2007.

On the May 30 event in San Francisco and the June 7 event in Santa Monica, CA eigoMANGA will be demonstrating their latest manga and anime projects live at the Apple Store as well as unveiling exclusive anime sneak-previews.

The eigoMANGA team hopes to inform and entertain an audience of manga fans and comic artists. They can expect to receive free giveaways of exclusive publications and anime gifts.

The Apple Store San Francisco is located on the corner of Ellis Street and Stockton Street near Union Square. The Apple Store, Third Street Promenade is located on Third Street between Arizona and Wilshire across from Victoria's Secret.

About eigoMANGA
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