2nd Wacom Anime/Manga Contest - My First Love

2008.4.8 – It's that time of the year again when school kids in Japan return to school beneath the showers of cherry blossom petals, and draw hearts on envelopes containing love confessions to their future sweethearts (a few heartbreakers too...but we're optimists here at Wacom). To celebrate this time of year, we'd like to invite anime and manga artists to illustrate your own anime/manga scene of your first love for the 2nd Wacom Anime/Manga Contest on the Wacom Community. Good luck!!

More info and online entry here:

Theme: "My First Love"
Awards: Grand Prize, Most Romantic Moment Award, Kawaii (Cute) Award
Prizes: Intuos3, Bamboo Fun, Imaginary Friends Studios artbook "Prime" (see above link for details)
Deadline: May 31, 2008 (Tokyo time). No entry fee. Eligible to residents of Wacom Asia Pacific countries (Taiwan, Korea, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Asia; excludes China, Hong Kong & Japan).
About the prizes: Wacom's Intuos3 pen tablets, the prizes for this contest, are used in Japan as a standard tool in the anime/manga industry for producing digital artwork. Wacom's Bamboo Fun pen tablets for hobbyists bring this sophisticated technology to the consumer market. Imaginary Friends Studios is a Singapore-based firm that does concept designs for major animation
studios in Japan and America. "Prime" is their second collection of artwork.

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y exclude hong kong??

y exclude hong kong??

An asia-geographical MANGA

An asia-geographical MANGA contest that excludes JAPAN? Whut?




I'm Chinese but I entered it XD

I just dunno why Taiwan is in it. Since they are all basking in the light of freedom for not being included in China, they are full spamming the Wacom site with entries. TOO MANY TAIWANESE ENTRIES!!! LIKE 60% ARE FROM THEM!!!

...no offense or anything