Yaoi Jamboree Announces Guests

Phoenix, AZ, March 26, 2008 - Yaoi Jamboree, the new yaoi fan convention this summer in Phoenix Arizona, announces their first three guests of honor.

Yaoi Jamboree is pleased to announce the first guests for the June 20th to 22nd Yaoi Jamboree convention. As mentioned in previous announcements Yaoi Jamboree is hosting popular Japanese mangaka, as well as global yaoi creators.

Yaoi Press LLC, the publisher sponsoring Yaoi Jamboree, is bringing guests le Perrugine. This two women Italian studio illustrated the popular Winter Demon yaoi series, and created the Cain graphic novel trilogy.

Digital Manga Publishing, the largest boys love manga publisher in North America, is bringing mangaka guests Eiki Eiki and Mikiyo Tsuada.

Eiki-sensei is the talent behind such popular titles as Art of Loving, Dear Myself, and Worlds End, among several others. Tsuada-sensei is best known in the United States for her extremely popular Princess Princess and Day of Revolution series. Tsuada-sensei has also created numerous popular boys love titles under the pen-name Taishi Zao-. The two guests have collaborated on projects in the past.

About Yaoi and 'Boys Love'
These terms refer to a romantic genre that deals with stories about men in love with men in a stylized way that was traditionally intended for a female audience. Yaoi originated in Japan where it's been hugely popular for several decades. Yaoi is released in the form as graphic novels, anime DVDs, comic books, novels, and art books by a dozen publishers in North America.

About Yaoi Jamboree
Yaoi Jamboree takes place at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa, 9495 West Coyotes Boulevard, in Glendale, Arizona, June 20th to the 22nd, 2008. Yaoi Jamboree will have elements common to anime conventions, as well as numerous special events and guests of honor that will appeal to yaoi fans. Yaoi Jamboree is for attendees aged 18 and older.

For more information about Yaoi Jamboree, please visit http://www.yaoijamboree.com.

For more information about Yaoi Press, please visit http://www.yaoipress.com.

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, please visit http://www.dmpbooks.com.