The English Version of AkibaBlog Started

Introducing Otaku culture in Akihabara to the world

HimeyaSoft USA has started the English version of AkibaBlog, which introduces "Otaku" culture in Akihabara, since February 14, 2008. Site URL:

This is a translated version of AkibaBlog, originally written in Japanese by Mr. Geek.. He talks about "hot" news in Akihabara, one of the most popular subculture cities in Japan. The Japanese version of AkibaBlog, which has 20 million page views a month, is one of the most famous blogs in Japan that talk about Otaku information. AkibaBlog and HimeyaSoft USA get together this time and try to become world's leading information source of Otaku culture.

About AkibaBlog (Original Japanese site)
AkibaBlog introduces all kinds of "Otaku" news- about manga, anime, cosplayers, figures, doujinshi, games, and so on. Mr. Geek goes around Akihabara 360days/year including New Year's Day, Christmas, and the Bon festival (Japanese summer vacation). From March 2004 to the end of January 2008, AkibaBlog got a total of more than 510 million page views.

In March 2007, among blogs that talk about Akihabara, AkibaBlog ranks one of the top, getting over 20 million page views per month. If you google "Akiba" in Japanese, this blog comes #1, and if you enter "Akihabara" in Japanese, it comes #4 of the list. Also, if you google "Akiba" in English, the blog comes to #3.

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I visit AkibaBlog once or

I visit AkibaBlog once or twice a week, but an english site of it is a great idea :)