Want More Of Your Favorite Fighters? DrMaster & SNK Playmore Deliver The Ultimate Art Compilation!

San Jose, CA - December 2007 DrMaster Publications Inc. and DGN Productions, has just announced (to the delight of gamers everywhere) the impending release of The King of Fighters Art Book.

Gamers out there, your wait is finally over! All of your favorite characters are here in this explosive King of Fighters Art Book! Kyo, Iori, Mai, Terry, Geese and many more are present and accounted for in this collection. Original illustrations produced by artists Wing Yan and King Tun for the long running comic series in Hong Kong, have been compiled in a collection that has never been seen before!

If you loved the fighting game and didn't get enough of The King of Fighters comics, this art book is a MUST-HAVE for you! This awesome collection of SNK's greatest video game characters will be heading to a store near you this Spring/Summer season, just in time to be paired with the release of SNPK's new arcade game The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match. Whether you love them all - or are a die-hard fan for a particular character, this book has something for every King of Fighters fan! You don’t want to miss the action on-screen and on the page this Spring/Summer season!

The King of Fighters Art Book will be available in April 2008. Each full-size/full-color 96 page art book will be priced at $21.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

New SNK PLAYMORE Arcade Game Titles
THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 Ultimate Match coming SPRING 2008
THE KING OF FIGHTERS Maximum Impact Regulation "A" 2 COMING SOON

About Drmaster Publications Inc.
DrMaster Publications Inc., a very unique publishing company, was established in 2004! By brazenly going against the grain and laughing in the face of conformity, DrMaster Publications Inc. introduced something different to the legion of comic book fans whose cravings lie outside the superhero box. Choosing the path less traveled we have journeyed across the Pacific to bring US readers, the acclaimed works from Japan and China's biggest and brightest!

About DGN Productions International:
DGN Productions (Digital Graphic Novel Productions) is a newly formed production company and studio made up of industry veterans within the comics and video game industries. Through strategic licensing of key comic book titles and the use of recognized industry professionals within the fields of animation and video game development, DGN Pro. Intl. is dedicated to producing cutting-edge video games, comics and animated features adapted from some the biggest and brightest Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean comic book properties. DGN Productions Intl. was founded June 2004 and is based in Fremont California.

Over the past 15 years, SNK has published classic arcade titles such as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, BASEBALL STARS, METAL SLUG, SAMURAI SHODOWN, and FATAL FURY on a wide variety of home gaming and handhelds systems. In June 2003, SNK opened SNK NEOGEO USA CONSUMER CORPORATION in Wall, New Jersey to again publish arcade classics on the current home and portable gaming systems. You can find more information about SNK NEOGEO USA CONSUMER CORPORATION games at http://www.snkneogeousaconsumer.com