eigoMANGA And WT.Cox Distributes Manga To Schools And Libraries

San Francisco, CA - eigoMANGA is pleased to announce a marketing relationship with WT.Cox Subscriptions, a leading magazine subscription agency, to provide magazine subscriptions to libraries and educational institutions. Under the arrangement, eigoMANGA will offer and circulate magazine subscriptions formatted exclusively for this market.

"We're very excited about the opportunity to circulate our publications to libraries and schools", says eigoMANGA publisher and CEO Austin Osueke. "Hopefully our publications will help inspire students of all ages to one day create their own manga-inspired comics".

eigoMANGA will circulate a full color edition of its comic book, Rumble Pak, to libraries beginning January 2008. Rumble Pak will contain a refreshed and ongoing line-up of OEL (Original English Language) manga stories. To further complement the new venture, eigoMANGA will launch Sakura Pakk "Show Me Shojo". "Show Me Shojo" is a female-oriented comic book modeled after the company's Sakura Pakk graphic novel series. The premiere issue of "Show Me Shojo" will launch in February 2008. eigoMANGA will also provide magazine subscriptions for other publications such as Palbot and Mr. Kim Come To America.

About eigoMANGA LLC
Founded in August 2000, eigoMANGA LLC is an independent media and publishing company committed to developing and marketing original American "manga," or Japanese-influenced comic books and graphic novels.

About WT.Cox Subscriptions
WT.Cox Subscriptions provides premium subscription service to K-12, Public, Academic, Medical and Special libraries. Basic service to customers includes online management system and software.