The Final Volume Of Stray Little Devil Is Here!

San Jose, CA, October 2007. Manga publisher DrMaster Publications has announced the release of Stray Little Devil, volume 5, the final volume of the critically-acclaimed manga adventure series centered on Pam, a young devil-in-training trapped in a fantasy world where humans are mere myth. Hilarious, compelling, fast-paced with eye-popping artistic production, Stray Little Devil is sure to hit on all cylinders with manga fans. Prepare to enter a world where all the boys and girls are either sassy and angelic, or sassy and demonic.

Pam Akumachi is a curious, energetic 13-year-old junior-high student. One day, when Pam and her friends try to summon the "benign devil" her grandmother used to talk about, the magic circle goes out of control and Pam is sucked into it and transported to a strange parallel world where angels and devils coexist with no humans in sight. There, she meets a mysterious figure, one who promises to show her the way back to her world, but only if she becomes a bona fide devil. And the only way to do so is by training under a master devil as a devil's apprentice. So under the watchful eye of Master Devil Lizyerra, and her other apprentices, Raim and Vine, Pam begins to learn what it takes to be a devil, which is far from a cakewalk. The precepts governing the tense and uneasy peace between Devils and Angels are strict and unwavering. Watch Pam as she catches and enters into contract with her very first spirit familiar, En Zu, learns about "Conservation Law of Fortune," and meets the "Successor of Aureole," an angel named Linfa, who is the spitting image of her best friend Rinka in the human world.

Upon learning of Aregna’s death, Linfa gives in to the dark side and transforms into the ancient queen of angels, Ishtar. Abducting Storm Genie En-Zu from Pam, Ishtar invokes Enuma Elish, a chaotic recreation of the Spirit World. Can Pam save Zu, Linfa, and the Spirit World? It's the grand finale of Stray Little Devil, an ode to those who love ditzy little devils in hot pants and a snobby angel who’s too proud to show her sentimental side.

Praise for Stray Little Devil:
"How often can you read a book that looks fuzzy, reads fuzzy and makes you feel fuzzy in the end and yet be kinda mature. Today I like fuzzy and I like these cute little devils."

"Sometimes you go to a movie with low expectations, and that movie turns you on your ear and blows you away. That's the way Stray Little Devil works. You're expecting one story, but before you know it, you're getting another, and it's a really good one. Granted, if you don't like the cute-girl motif in your manga, you might give this one a pass. Then again, it's not my cup of tea either, and I absolutely loved this book and recommend it for anyone. Whether artistically, thematically or plot-wise, you're not going to get what you're expected, and that's a very good thing in the growing manga market, where many titles tread the same ground."

Kotaro Mori is one of the few manga artists who uses his real name as his pen name. He has just finished the serialization of Stray Little Devil in monthly magazine Dengeki Gao! from Media Works. His new serialization will start on the 4/27 issue of the same magazine and featuring the comic version of the TV anime Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, produced by GAINAX.

Stray Little Devil, volumes 1-5 for $9.95 each. Visit for more detailed series information.

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