Inside the Comic Writers Studio - Episode 11: Veteran Creator Ron Marz Speaks Exclusively to ComicBloc

(San Antonio, Texas) October 18, 2007 – Virgin Comics newest editor and industry veteran Ron Marz was interviewed recently as part of the acclaimed Inside the Comic Writers Studio – now published in its new weekly format - found exclusively at

In the interview, Marz discusses his new role as editor of the Shakti line of books at Virgin Comics, his role in the epic storyline Emerald Twilight and the creation of the Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. On the subject of dealing with criticism, both positive and negative, Marz had this to say:

"As far as the criticism, it comes with the territory. If somebody pays their money, they get the right to say what the want, positive or negative. I don't think you can take either reaction to heart. As a writer, you have to ignore it all and that includes the positive."

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