Buy Your Very Own DMP Employee at Yaoi Con 2007

October 17, 2007 (Gardena, CA) - Dream Shoppe, 801 Media Inc., Digital Manga Publishing and Pop Japan Travel have teamed up to auction off one of their own at Yaoi Con's bishonen auction. Ben, who graciously volunteered after being badgered by 801 Media's Tomo-chan and 801-chan, will be sporting a lovely Wa-Lolita outfit in a floral pattern (which Tomo-chan says "Really accents Ben's emerald eyes.") courtesy of Dream Shoppe. The winning bidder at Yaoi Con will not only receive Ben's company for the rest of the night, they will also receive Ben's lovely outfit and a $100 gift certificate for Pop Japan Travel's upcoming Fujoshi Paradise Tour!

Rica-chan from DMP is happy to report that selling off a fellow employee does not violate Digital Manga Inc.'s sexual harassment policy. The Aristocrat, a Dream Shoppe spokesman, noted, "If anyone could talk Ben into dressing up in a dress and being sold at Yaoi Con, it was definitely the combined talents of 801-chan and Tomo-chan. You end up agreeing just to shut them up!"

To all the ladies planning on attending Yaoi Con and the Bishie Auction, Ben is a Yaoi Con virgin. So you can be naughty, but please be nice.

Please remember that this year's Bishie Auction is a ticketed event. For more details on how to get your ticket please check out the Yaoi Con home page -

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