eigoMANGA Announces The Release Of New Publication

San Francisco, CA - (August 29, 2007) – eigoMANGA is pleased to announce an all new full color manhwa (Korean comic book) 64 page publication, "PALBOT And Mr. Kim Come To America". This publication will be available on store shelves September 15, 2007.

'PALBOT' comedy series follows the adventures of Mr. Kim a Korean businessman and his robotic guide Palbot as the two head to America where the robot teaches Mr. Kim lessons on proper business etiquette in Corporate America. The two have good intentions but they constantly end up in mischief due to the fact that Mr. Kim behaves in a Don Quixote-like fashion and Palbot isn't at times the well-mannered robot he was intentionally programmed to be. This could be a challenge for Mr. Kim and his attempt to fit in with the strict and structured world of Corporate America.

The full color 64 page publication will now be available in Diamond's September Previews catalog (Order number: SEP073615).

Publication Information

Frequency of Publication: Quarterly
Intended Audience: 13+
Format: Soft Cover 64 pages, Color, 8.5x11
ISBN: 978-1-60402-950-5
Diamond Item Code: SEP073615
Street Date: 10/15/2007
SRP: $10.95
Website: http://www.MyPalbot.com

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.


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