Newtype USA features Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Plus! Debut of new redesign with more news, features, reviews!!

HOUSTON, June 27, 2007—Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, continues its summertime hot streak with an exclusive cover featuring the hottest anime of 2007, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Along with a collectible cover, the July 2007 issue also dishes the dirt on the SOS Brigade, offering an inside scoop on the secrets behind Haruhi Suzumiya's eccentric pals! Plus, Newtype USA even has an exclusive interview with director Tatsuya Ishihara, in which he reveals even more telling tales behind the production of this mega-hit show!

The July issue also marks the debut of a bold new redesign, with more of everything you love about Newtype USA! That means more features, including an exclusive update on the Evangelion movies; more reviews, including all the latest anime, manga, video games, music and toys; and more news, including first looks at the latest anime in the US and Japan!

To celebrate such a sizzling issue, Newtype USA has rounded up some scorching extras, including the latest installment of CLAMP's newest manga, KOBATO., which you can only read within these pages! The free DVD comes packed with three full episodes of brand-new shows: The Third, Suzuka and Girl's High. And the pull-out poster features the lovely ladies of Kurau Phantom Memory!

Also inside the July issue:

  • 3 features, including AIR, Tsubasa and Shonen Onmyouji
  • 5 must-see titles from Paprika director Satoshi Kon
  • The official art of The Wings of Rean
  • Read before you buy! 16 manga reviews and 11 DVD reviews!
  • More features! My-Otome, Karin and Gunbuster 2
  • Toward the Terra sneak-peek!
  • More convention and cosplay coverage than any other anime magazine
  • Voice Actress Spotlight: Fumie Mizusawa


Newtype USA Vol. 6, Issue 7 is available July 1, 2007