NETCOMICS Publishes Yaoi Press Titles Online

NETCOMICS, a New Jersey-based online/offline graphic novel publisher, will provide manga titles from Yaoi Press, an Original English Language (OEL) publisher of yaoi manga, through its website starting June 15th. The website allows subscribers to sample opening chapters for free and to read entire volumes for about US$1.00 each.

Yaoi Press is the first publisher to employ as an online service platform. Prior to this agreement, NETCOMICS has featured its own 32 manhwa series exclusively. The deal was made and announced in February, during New York Comic-Con 2007, after a conversation between company executives.

Yaoi Press plans to initially release 18 titles on NETCOMICS' website. Several of these series already have early volumes available in print, which will be the first to appear on Online publishing will quickly catch up with Yaoi Press' printing, however, allowing readers to view the publisher's titles before they are available in print by mid-2008.

NETCOMICS plans to release two Yaoi Press titles per month, beginning with Yamila Abraham's Winter Demon, (art by Studio Kosaru). This story of obsession, punishment, and repentance is a thrilling fantasy, revolving around a monk named Hakuin and the snow demon Fuyu. Fuyu once tormented Hakuin and is still dangerously infatuated with him, but Hakuin is forced to reluctantly seek Fuyu's help when three fire demons attack his village. In return for his aid, Fuyu demands Hakuin to become his slave, only to realize, too late, that he is no match for the three vicious fire demons. When one of the demons places Fuyu in the same situation in which he once held his beloved Hakuin, Fuyu begins to repent of his former wickedness and starts to hope for redemption in the eyes of Hakuin. With racy fantasy and sexy supernatural beings, NETCOMICS' first online yaoi publication is sure to entertain fans of the genre, and will be available this month at

June 14, 2007