New Korean Manhwa Line Has Something For Everyone

Toronto, ON - May 29 2007 - What is Korean Manhwa? Combine unique storytelling techniques and manga-influenced artwork with the rich and diverse culture of Korea and you'll end up with the latest craze in Asian comics! UDON Entertainment has partnered with Korean publisher Haksan to bring the best Korean Manhwa to North America and English readers everywhere in the Fall of 2007.

UDON's new Korean Manhwa line launches this October with Star Project Chiro Vol.1, a romantic comedy that take a young girl through the often harsh world of pop stardom: "Eun-Yo Song has beauty, popularity - everything a girl could want! After a chance encounter with pop-singer Nan Lee, Eun-Yo finds herself getting caught up in the world of super stardom. But little does she know that Nan Lee has plans of his own for her...and she's about to fall into his trap!"

Next, in November, a new take on a timeless classic will surprise and enchant you in the action/fantasy Dorothy of Oz Vol.1: "When Mara Shin's dog Toto gets lost one fateful day, she follows his trail along some yellow brick road and ends up in the wonderful land of Oz! Everyone instantly starts calling her Dorothy, but these aren't the cowardly lion, brainless scarecrow and heartless tin man adventures you remember. This fantastic fairy tale features familiar characters...but with a definite action/animated twist!"

Then in December, Magical JxR Vol.1 tells the story of two teenage wizards and the young girl they befriend: "Jay and Aru are two of the most popular students in wizardry school. However, before they can graduate, they must venture out into the REAL world and fulfill a one year magic contract with a human girl named Cho-Ah. Is Cho-Ah ready for a whole year with two enthusiastic wizards-to-be at her beck and call?"

With more titles planned for 2008, these three new ongoing series are just the beginning of UDON's Korean Manhwa line. For all the latest news on these and future Korean Manhwa releases, head to the all-new

STAR PROJECT CHIRO Vol.1 (ISBN 978-1-897376-11-9)
DOROTHY OF OZ Vol.1 (ISBN 978-1-897376-31-7)
MAGICAL JxR Vol.1 (ISBN 978-1-897376-61-4)

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