Be Beautiful’s May Releases Include the Debut of a New Stand-Alone Story and the Continuation of a Popular Series

"Casino Lily" and "Kizuna: Bonds of Love 8" on shelves now.

New York, NY (May 15, 2007) – Be Beautiful, America's leading publisher of yaoi manga graphic novels, announced the release of CASINO LILY, a high-stakes tale of pleasure and passion from Youka Nitta (the creator of Embracing Love). In addition, the much anticipated release of KIZUNA: BONDS OF LOVE 8, the latest installment of Kazuma Kodaka's best-selling romantic epic was also announced. Both books are available now and priced at $15.99 SRP.

Casino Lily
Story and Art by Youka Nitta


Magira Yuri is a gambler with an international reputation for success. His frosty blonde hair and piercing amber eyes have earned him the nickname Casino Lily by his legion of fans. The world is his oyster until he travels to a famous Las Vegas casino where he meets the handsome owner, Anthony Monte Carlo. Now Magira must master a new game, one of cat and mouse, where the winner takes all: including the body and heart of his opponent!

Size: 5 x 7.375
Pages: 216 pages, B/W
Rating: 18UP
Genre: Erotica
Catalog #: CMX 101101G
ISBN: 9781933440224
Street Date: Available Now
SRP: $15.99

Kizuna - Bonds of Love: Book 8
Story and art by: Kazuma Kodaka

Romantic tensions threaten to boil over as the Kyoto honeymoon adventure continues! First, Kai is unrelenting in his quest to get some "alone time" with Masa, but the burly bodyguard spurns Kai's advances for reasons unknown. Meanwhile, the newlywed Ranmaru and Kei take every opportunity to consummate their love during the holiday retreat, and the sights and sounds of their coupling only serve to drive Kai deeper into despair. Will a frustrated Kai be able to make his wish come true?

Size: 5 x 7.375
Pages: 184 pages, B/W
Rating: 18UP
Genre: Romance/Drama
Catalog #: CMX 69708G
ISBN: 9781933440156
Street Date: Available Now
SRP: $15.99

About Be Beautiful:

Be Beautiful is America's leader in the publication of yaoi manga graphic novels, aimed at college age and older female readers. Yaoi manga are illustrated romantic graphic novels, featuring stories about love and relationships between impossibly beautiful men, written by female artists for female readers. Be Beautiful is an imprint of 17-year old Central Park Media, one of America's oldest publishers of Japanese anime and manga.