DLSite.com, Japan's Biggest Online Product Distribution Site, is Now Accepting Works from Outside of Japan

HERNDON, VA ・March 9, 2007 - CuriousFactory today announced that DLSite.com, Japan's most notable distribution portal site for Doujin and Indy products, is accepting works from outside of Japan.

DLSite.com carries thousands of Doujin products such as Doujinshi, CG collection, game, novel, music, and utility tool. Due to the increasing interest from the creators and users outside of Japan, CuriousFactory and DLSite.com is now working together to accept works from outside of Japan.

Ayaka Hahn, the Director of CuriousFactory says, "DLSite.com has a long experience in the field of online digital product distribution in Japan. They have been helping many creators to self-publish their works effectively. Recently the Internet allows the creators all over the world to share, distribute and sell their works. With trusted, experienced product download distribution service like DLSite.com, it is now easier than ever for individual creators to distribute and market products to reach the world audience".

Characteristics of DLSite.com

- In total, DLSite.com has more than 4,200 registered creators and productions, has more than 19,000 registered titles, and has sold more than 7,000,000 products to date.
- There is no limitation to the product size that can be uploaded onto DLSite.com for distribution. (On average, each title is about 1 GB)
- Once the creator registers his/her title, it is distributed on DLSite.com forever, unless he/she decides to terminate the distribution.
- DLSite.com will take care of marketing, sales and distributing products in total so that creator can focus on just creating his/her works.
- DLSite.com accepts products in various genre including General, R, and Mature (18+).
- There is absolutely NO registration fee.

CuriousFactory will be the exclusive agent to handle products for DLSite.com that is submitted from outside of Japan. Creators outside of Japan are required to register with CuriousFactory's distribution service in order for their products to be listed / distributed on DLSite.com.

More details can be found at: http://www.curiousfactory.com/distribution/dlsite_distribution.php

* DLSite.com's server and administration company is located in Japan. Therefore, the service and use of DLSite.com is governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.

To register your product, go visit:


About CuriousFactory
CuriousFactory is a company which specializes in the field of Japanese subculture entertainment. Besides offering various BtoB services such as Product localization / translation / PR service, CuriousFactory focuses on the development of Western community and subculture entertainment industry where the contents and trend originate from Japan. CuriousFactory Website: http://www.curiousfactory.com/

About DLSite.com
DLsite.com is administrated by EISYS,Inc., Japan. DLsite.com was one of the first company in Japan to provide a diverse array of Doujin items such as Doujinshi, CG collection, game, novel, music, and utility tool via online. All products are available in data format and can be downloaded instantly 24/7/365.

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This is a wonderful

This is a wonderful opportunity for non-Japanese speaking comic artists, I think. I'm interested in registering myself, though I have to wonder if a majority of the genres published there are adult or not? Ah, it's still a good opportunity that I don't want to miss.