"ComiIdol 2007" – First Digital Artist Superstars Contest!

To catalyze the growth of the interactive digital media sector and the creative arts in Singapore, ComiAsia (www.comiasia.com) with the support of the Media Development Authority of Singapore (www.mda.gov.sg) have launched the first "ComiIdol 2007", a national contest to find, nurture and promote internationally the best digital artists in Singapore!

Any aspiring individuals - from novices to professional digital artists - with an interest in creating digital art and comics will have the opportunity to submit and showcase their work, and stand a chance to win the coveted title of "ComiIdol 2007"!

Many of the Island's institutes of higher learning, including Singapore Polytechnic, ITE College Central and LASALLE-SIA College of Arts, have already pledged their support for, and entries to, "ComiIdol 2007".

The top "ComiIdol" talents - as determined by nationwide voting – stand to win prizes worth up to S$10,000, including:

  • Mentorship by top professional comic artists.
  • Expert help to develop, promote and sell a full series of commercial comic internationally.
  • Professional Wacom digital drawing tablets.
  • "ComiIdol" winners and artwork will be showcased in the international press, on the @Life TV network in McDonalds, and via ComiAsia's forthcoming TV shows due to broadcast weekly in Shenzhen, China later this year.

"ComiIdol 2007" takes entries throughout February 2007. There are two categories – 'comic strips'; and 'digital art' that can be used as a mobile-phone 'wallpaper'. Voting will be open to the general public during March with submitted artwork showcased on plasma screens in all McDonald's restaurants (managed by @Life) and on ComiAsia's website (www.comiasia.com). Winners will be announced by a special guest of honour at the ComiIdol 2007 Awards Ceremony in Singapore in April 2007.

Mr Wee Tian Beng, Founder and Chairman of the Comics Society (Singapore), commented "I'm delighted ComiAsia has created this important and fun initiative, and can't wait to see the new artwork produced. And I look forward to welcoming some new-found ‘ComiIdol' talent into the Comics Association soon!".

Pam Hu, Director, Community and International Relations, MDA said "We are excited to support this initiative as it is aligned to MEDIAction! programme which aims to promote the use of media for work, learning or play. Not only does ComiIdol initiative raise awareness of career opportunities in the comic industry, it also offers the chance for aspiring artists to tap comics in a bigger way as the genre extends into the emerging interactive and digital media space."

People can learn more about "ComiIdol 2007" at free roadshows and seminars taking place across Singapore (organized with iCell Networks). To celebrate the launch of ComiIdol, free fun Mobile Comics will be available at ComiAsia's website (www.comiasia.com) as well as via Bluetooth (by Oghma) at major shopping malls along Orchard Road in Singapore during the contest (passers-by need to have Bluetooth enabled on their mobile phones to receive the free mobile comics).

ComiAsia will also be working with major institutes of higher learning and their digital media students in Singapore over the coming months to run workshops covering publishing and promotion of digital artwork on the web and mobile handsets as well as use of ComiAsia's publishing software platform.

ComiAsia plans to launch similar nationwide "ComiIdol" contests and programmes in other Asian countries over the coming year.

To find out more about the first "ComiIdol 2007" contest in Singapore, please visit www.comiasia.com/idol.

About ComiAsia:

ComiAsia (www.comiasia.com) is an interactive digital media start-up, founded in 2005 by Anthony Lim and Karen New, two young Singaporean entrepreneurs passionate about comics and digital media. Since its creation, ComiAsia has evolved to become the leading user-generated mobile comics company worldwide. ComiAsia provides the tools, support and platforms to enable independent and aspiring artists to create, publish, promote and sell comics and digital art to an online and mobile audience worldwide. It has staff and offices in Singapore and Shenzhen and provides mobile delivery to over 130 countries. ComiAsia's 3 areas of focus are: ComiStudio – the software and tools to publish comics online and via mobile handsets, including plans for an intelligent, interactive multi-media comics platform; ComiIdol – contests and initiatives to help promote and support aspiring digital artists; ComiTV – youth magazine format tv show focused on digital arts, comics, animation and games due to broadcast first in China in a few months. ComiAsia is backed and supported by entrepreneurs Yen Lu Chow, William Klippgen and Steve Melhuish and Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB).

About Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore:

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) was formed on 1 January 2003 to champion Media 21, a blueprint to transform Singapore into a global media city. Media 21 seeks to create a vibrant media environment by establishing Singapore as a media exchange, exporting Made-by-Singapore content, internationalising local media companies, nurturing local media talent and developing digital media. More information on MDA can be found on www.mda.gov.sg.

MEDIAction! is a year-round public outreach initiative organised by the Media Development Authority (MDA), with our partners, to inspire Singaporeans to discover the benefits and possibilities that media can offer for work, learning and play. MEDIAction! offers all Singaporeans the opportunity to learn more about the media and upgrade their media literacy skills through participation in fun and engaging events. For more information on MEDIAction!, visit www.mda.gov.sg/mediaction.

About @Life:

At-Life (www.atlife.sg) is a new interactive media service allowing consumers and retailers to connect using cool new channels. Marketing partners with AtLife develop truly interactive, mutually-beneficial relationships with their target audiences and customers. @Life manages the plasma tv screens in McDonalds' restaurants and other retail outlets in Singapore, on-screen content and advertising, SMS/WAP mobile interaction, and marketing campaigns.

iCELL Network:

iCELL is one of Singapore's leading information technology solution providers who have built Internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure providing business system mobility for corporate customers and individual users. iCELL brings freedom and connectivity to road warriors, students and anyone who wants to be part of the wireless world. It has also provided secure and safe wireless access for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegates during Singapore's hosting of the IMF meeting. In October 2006, iCELL was awarded the concession to build and operate the eastern part of Singapore's new national WiFi network by The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). It has since installed thousands of access points island wide and aims to offer true pervasiveness by June 2007. iCELL is a member of the NEAT Technology Group, a home grown IT specialist with retail, distribution and export operations. iCELL's capabilities are in advanced integration work in the specialised field of WiFi and mesh, e-learning and popularization of web-space. Keppel T&T, a member of Keppel Corp owns a 30% shareholding in iCELL Network.

About Oghma:

Oghma Pte Ltd (www.oghmamedia.com) is a leading provider of Bluetooth broadcast solutions for the out-of-home (OOH) media sector in Singapore. The company develops, markets and deploys a network of Bluetooth stations located in public areas for the purpose of sending advertisements and general information to mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth. Oghma's Bluetooth broadcast solution is a permission-based, location-relevant medium that enables advertisers to engage effectively with their target customers. Oghma believes in delivering high value, entertaining and useful multimedia content to its audiences, and runs Bluetooth broadcast campaigns for clients from different industries, in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

About Comics Society (Singapore):

The Comics Society (Singapore) was founded in 2006 by Mr Wee Tian Beng, Founder and CEO of Singapore's TCZ studios. The key objectives of the Comics Society (Singapore) are to represent Singapore in the global comic industry; promote comic culture in Singapore; nurture and develop local comic talents. Mr Wee also runs the TCZ Studio, Singapore's first comics publisher set up in 2001 publishing "The Celestial Zone Series ", one of the best-selling and longest running comic series in Singapore.

About Wacom:

Founded in 1983, Wacom® is the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays with customers worldwide using its cordless, battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen technology for digital content creation. Wacom's patented electromagnetic resonance technology, called Penabled®, is also offered as an OEM solution to manufacturers of PC and Macintosh computers. Many of today's tablet PCs count on the advanced features and reliability of Penabled technology for pen input.

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