Seven Seas Announces He is My Master & Sota-kun

(LOS ANGELES, November 27, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment, in cooperation with Square Enix of Japan, is pleased to announce the acquisition of two hit Japanese manga series--the off-the-wall harem comedy He is My Master and the delightful fandom romp Sota-Kun no Akihabara Funtouki.

He is My Master follows Yoshitaka, a 14-year-old pervert with a major superiority complex and a uniform fetish who recently inherited the family fortune after his parents died in an accident. He decides to hire live-in maids to help look after his estate, but gets more than he bargained for when three hot girls, along with a pet alligator named Pochi, show up to fill the positions.

In Sota-kun no Akihabara Funtoki (English title not yet decided), we meet closest "otaku" Sota, a seemingly normal high school student with a secret obsession for the dog-eared anime character Papico. During one fateful trip to Akihabara, Sota's life takes an unexpected turn when the crazed owner of a collectibles shop forces Sota to "come out" in all his fanboy glory.

The two series will hit stores in mid 2007.

About Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC
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