801 Media Inc. Launches at Yaoi Con 2006 and Unveils its Website!

Los Angeles, CA, October 27, 2006 – 801 Media Inc., a sister company of Digital Manga Publishing, launched this past weekend at Yaoi Con 2006. The new publishing company will focus on edgier and more explicit yaoi compared to its sister Juné Manga.

Opening with a suite party at Yaoi Con 2006, 801 Media Inc employees introduced participants to the new company with style. The company’s initial line-up of titles includes:

  1. Ichigenme... The First Class is Civil Law by Fumi Yoshinaga
  2. Love is Like a Hurricane by Tokiya Shimazaki
  3. Bond(z) by Toko Kawai
  4. Affair by Shuiko Kano
  5. The Sky Over My Spectacles by Mio Tennohji
  6. My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor by Kazuka (Haruka) Minami

The books will be produced in the authentic Japanese style - retain dust jackets and the full color pin-up and read from right to left. For information on where to purchase 801 Media Inc manga and the release schedule of books, please visit the site at www.801media.com.

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well well

I must admit that Affair by Shuiko Kano is one of my favorite mangas on market now. I have never read another magazine so well composed as this one. I'm glad to read that it will be accorded the attention it deserves.