Yasahiro Koshi Teams with TenBu Productions for Cove, Pirate Mercenary Release

Live action fans mark their calendars for an appearance by Battle Royal actor and renowned cinema military advisor; Koshi to help with launch of new manga and production company

Springfield, VA - June 2, 2006 -TenBu Productions, a new independent production studio and Asian entertainment licensing company, confirmed today that Yasahiro Koshi (Japan), actor and military advisor, will make an extended appearance in the United States for the pre-release of Cove, Pirate Mercenary. The new manga and production company will be launched in conjunction with the Anime Mid-Atlantic conference June 16 -18, 2006 in Richmond Virginia.

Yasahiro Koshi is a well-known advisor for action movies in Japan and the U.S. including Battle Royal, Last Samurai, Godzilla Final Wars, and Saikano: the Final Weapon. In recent years Koshi has founded Big Fighter Project (B.F.P.) an entertainment and management company based in Japan which specializes in talent building, management, set advisory and casting.

Koshi will make appearances as special guest of TenBu Productions and featured guest
of the Anime Mid-Atlantic conference. He will present alongside TenBu Productions owner Austell Callwood in the following panels:

Live Action & Stunt Demonstration - [Saturday May 17, 2006 at 3pm -5pm]

Participants can experience a 2-hour "behind-the-scenes" demonstration of live action stunts and fight sequences that appear in movies including Samurai techniques.

Akihabara, Japan: Home of Anime [Saturday, May 17, 2006 at 10 P.M.]

Take a virtual tour through "Electronic City", the Akihabara district in Tokyo where every conceivable electronic devise and interpretation of Anime & J-Pop culture can be found- it's known as "the true Otaku."

Koshi will also be on hand at the TenBu Productions booth to help promote the launch of "Cove, Pirate Mercenary" - an original manga-style graphic novel by author and illustrator Austell Callwood. The title is written in both English and Japanese. The limited edition package will feature 96 black & white pages of the manga, an ashcan (pre-story), production notes and posters. The title, classified as fantasy adventure, is appropriate for readers 16 years old and older.

The Cove, Pirate Mercenary package will be available for sale at the Anime Mid-Atlantic conference June 16-18, 2006 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center located in Richmond Virginia. The title will also be available for sale at the company's retail store, Anime FX, beginning June 19, 2006. The full release is scheduled for December 2006.

Complete press information is available online at http://tenbuproductions.com/site/intersite/News.htm.

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About the Author
Austell Callwood is an artist, author, business owner, and 10-year veteran of the design and animation industry. With a preference for the highly stylized Japanese form of animation, Callwood has developed a specialty and strong reputation in anime circles where he is a frequent guest speaker at industry events. He has appeared at many major conferences including Anime Fest, Anime USA, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Katsucon, and Ohayocon.

About TenBu Productions
TenBu Productions is a new entertainment venture created by anime veteran Austell Callwood. Tenbu is a unique production studio and entertainment company. As a
production studio, TenBu brings animation concepts to life through its professional design team. The entertainment licensing arm of the company specializes in the exclusive distribution of Asian music, videos, and entertainment merchandise in the U.S. market. TenBu also promotes and exports in-house talent and products to international markets. Visit www.tenbuproductions.com for more information.