Digital Manga Inc. Announces Makoto Tateno as Guest of Honor for Otakon 2006

Gardena, CA, May 25, 2006 -€“ Digital Manga Publishing, one of the industry’s most innovative manga licensing and publishing companies, is happy to announce Makoto Tateno as a guest of honor for Otakon 2006.

Most widely known in the United States for her hit yaoi series Yellow, Makoto Tateno is a famous manga-ka in Japan for both her yaoi and shoujo manga. She debuted in 1986 with Yurarete Tamago Boys in Hanato Yume and has been steadily creating for multiple publishers ever since.

For those Yellow fans unable to make it to Otakon, Makoto Tateno will be hosting book signings at Borders Bookstores in the Los Angeles metro area and hopefully one or two east coast cities during her trip to the States. Check for panel details, convention updates and book signing times.


About Digital Manga, Inc.

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