Grace Slick's White Rabbit Rides a Dark Horse

After four decades of generating worldwide recognition as a rock music icon, Grace Slick has emerged to begin her new career as a fine artist. Her original paintings and lithographs of musicians and fantasy imagery have been turning heads in the fine art world and just as her
popularity skyrocketed throughout her years as a singer/songwriter, so has the demand for her signature art.

Dark Horse Deluxe, a division of Dark Horse Comics, has also been gaining attention for their own head-feeding line of stationery and journals. This led to the natural progression to join forces to create Grace Slick’s “White Rabbit” stationery set and journal, which are slated for a May 2006 release.

"€œWe couldn'€™t be more thrilled to be working with Grace Slick on these new releases,"€ Dark Horse products head David Scroggy remarked, â"œand the results are exceeding our expectations. In addition to providing something special to Grace's longtime fans, we think we will be
reaching a whole new audience who will discover Grace Slick for the first time as an artist rather than a performer/songwriter. The Alice in Wonderland theme is timeless, and who could be better than Grace Slick to render it."

Each stationery set includes 8 writing sheets (four different styles), 6 envelopes (4 different styles), and a set of stickers. Packaged with a printed bellyband, all inside a protective plastic bag. Suggested retail price is $4.99. The journal measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, spiral bound, 128 pages. Suggested retail price is $9.99.