Heisei Democracy and Ikimashou Back in Action

Heisei Democracy, a blog "devoted to the latest in news, reviews, and opinion on the two-dimensional culture of Japan, with particular emphasis on the media (anime, manga, console games), ero (eroge, eroanime, eromanga, doujinshi), and hobby (PVC figures, garage kits, analog games) sides of the industry, and the culture and events surrounding them", has been inactive since September 2008. A few days ago, an announcement was posted announcing that the blog will resume operation.

Also, Ikimashou.net, another great otaku blog covering Japanese anime, manga, games and otaku culture in general that got its domain stolen at the beginning of 2008, is now back in action as well, and has made a post detailing what happened to the blog.

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1100$ O.O

1100$ O.O horrifying story >_< I'll have to always check when the lightnovel.org site will expire >_< there are lots of M*th** F**ke*s out there that we should be careful from...

Haha don't worry, LN.org

Haha don't worry, LN.org won't expire for a while.

Keep it up, bookmarked and

Keep it up, bookmarked and referred some friends...