Inoue Takehiko: The Last Manga Exhibition Takes Place in Japan

From Yumiuri Shimbun comes an article titled "First and last manga exhibition answers important question," which looks like the "Inoue Takehiko: The Last Manga Exhibition" that will end this Sunday at the Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo:

I was astonished by the idea that a newly created manga--which normally would be mass produced--could give visitors the experience of reading it for the first time.

In the exhibition, visitors also experience the odd feeling of not turning pages but walking past each page as they read. As the pages are not bound, visitors can be at a loss as to which page to read next, but it is a new manga experience that cannot be conveyed in the format of printing in that respect, too.

The exhibition provided one answer to the question of why museums should hold manga exhibitions, not in the manner of displaying manga at the facility, but by turning the whole museum space into manga. For this, the exhibition will go down in history.