Japanese Anthropologist Creates Manga on Oceanic Life

From Daily Yomiuri comes an article on how Daisaku Tsuru, an assistant cultural anthropology professor at Toyama University, is creating a manga titled Nacun that focuses on the "mystery of life, with the sea in Okinawa Prefecture as its background.":

Tsuru debuted as a mangaka in 2006 with Nacun, a series that has been carried in Afternoon, a monthly magazine published by Kodansha Ltd. Nacun is based on Tsuru's own experience of having researched fishing culture on an isolated island in Okinawa Prefecture for a total of six months while at graduate school.

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Within a few years the plastic in the oceans will destroy so much life.....that manga like this won't matter.

You're wrong okinawa. If

You're wrong okinawa. If the oceans are in so much danger, than a manga like this will matter a lot. It's a record of a culture at a specific moment in time. It's what cultural anthropology is about. You can't learn from a past you don't know about. I wish we could get this manga and more like it in the US.