Interview with Kadokawa on Partnership with Google

From Tech-On! comes an interview (Part 1, Part 2) with Tadashi Fukuda, president of Kadokawa Digix Inc., a Kadokawa group company, who talks about the recent deal between Kadokawa Group Holdings Inc. and YouTube/Google which might eventually allow users to upload Kadokawa's official contents to Youtube:

Kadokawa's current mainstay content including "Haruhi (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)" and "RakiSta (Lucky Star)" all originated from the "Comiket" (Comic Market: Japan's largest exhibition and sale convention for comic doujinshi). When Comiket began, every Japanese publishing company rejected it and treated it as if they were labeling it as a "pirates' market."

But that's not true. Many things start from copying.