About.com:Manga Interviews Bat Manga! authors Chip Kidd and Saul Ferris

From About.com:Manga comes an interview with graphic designer and author Chip Kidd and Batman memorabilia collector Saul Ferris about the "secret origins" of their Fall 2008 artbook/comics collection, Bat Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan.

In the interview, Kidd and Ferris talk about long-forgotten Batman manga stories created by Jiro Kuwata (manga creator of 8 Man) for Shonen King magazine between 1966 -1967, their 10 year effort to find these rare issues and publish this 350+ page book/labor of love. They also share stories about finding Kuwata-sensei (now 72 years old and thrilled to hear about the new book) to get an exclusive interview for this book, and hints of a possible sequel volume waiting in the wings.

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