About.com:Manga Interviews Katsushi Ota

From About.com:Manga comes an interview with Katsushi Ota, editor of Kodansha's Faust magazine, who appeared as Del Rey Manga's featured guest at the 2007 New York Anime Festival:

Q: So how did it happen that you and Del Rey Manga decided to bring Faust to America? Did you approach them or did they approach you?

Mutsumi Miyazaki (Del Rey Manga Director of Licensing & Acquisitions): I reached out to them. As Ota-san was saying, this is an experiment for Kodansha and for Del Rey Manga, and we hope it will be as accepted in the States as it has been in Taiwan and Korea. Faust features a lot of well-known manga artists and writers, such as Yun Koga (Loveless), so we're hoping that we can draw in this audience that is already interested in these creators' work.