Monthly Dragon Magazine Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Moon Phase reports that the March 2008 issue (the first of a series of 20th anniversary commemoration issues) of Fujimi Shobo's monthly light novel magazine Dragon Magazine marks the magazine's 20th anniversary. An important Slayers announcement will be made in the April 2008 issue.

Also, Dragon Magazine will become a bi-monthly magazine starting with the May 2008 issue.


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Ahh that should be Slayers >.

Ahh that should be Slayers >.<

OMG! Slayers!

OMG! Slayers!

Slayers new series

LUDZIE!!!!LUDZIE!!!!Nowa seria Slayers. Czekałam na to 11 lat, przechodziłam w tą i z powrotem chyba z 15 pielgrzymek w intencji ich powrotu i w końcu się opłaciło! Kocham Slayers i kocham producentów!!!KOCHAM!!! Oczywiście jeśli nie będzie Valgaav'a to w ryja, ale co tam, nowa seria!LUDZIE!!!LUDZIE!!! CUD!!!!CUD!!!ALLELUJA!!!ALLELUJA!!!!!!!