China Strives to Break into European Manga Market Through Angouleme Comics Festival

From Channel NewsAsia comes an article titled "China eyes French comic book festival as springboard to Europe" that looks at how China is trying to break into the European graphic novel market through the Angoulême International Comics Festival and compete with established Japanese manga:

With their own national pavilion set up in city hall, a large Chinese delegation boasted of 11 million euros (US$16 million) worth of deals in the fields of comics and animated cartoons.

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Supply of Japanese Comic Books

Dear Sirs

Let us allow you to ask about the prospective importer
(wholeseler, Distributor, Dealer, etc.) in Europe who can purchase
Japanese Comic Books.

Our company is IPI, Inc. located in Japan and a main business is a
Co-ordination of Exportation and Importation of all kinds of articles.

Now this time, we have been looking for the whole sellers or Distributors
in European countries who can handle Japanese animation book (Comics)
made by Coterie (Coterie magazine). Pertaining to recent tendency of Comic
Book in European countries, Japanese Comics such as "Sailor Moon" and the
others appealing not only for Children but also for Adult wit its eroticism
are booming now. The reason is, the traditional comic issued by European countries
are mostly like "Cartoon" with its artistic touch.

While, Japanese comic books give much more soft touch with its very cute figures
likely to be well accepted by the recent youngsters. We wish to offer this kind of
soft touch comics with its soft eroticism.

We would very much appreciate it if you would let us know of the prospective companies
who can contact us.

For your reference, our e-mail address is

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in this matter.

Best regards

K. Kuwada
IPI, Inc.