Angouleme International Comics Festival Nominees Announced

Nominees for this year's Angoulême International Comics Festival have been announced, and Precocious Curmudgeon has a list of the nominees for the manga category:

Sélection Officielle:

  • Amer Beton – Integrale (Tekkonkinkreet), by Taiyo Matsumoto, published by Tonkam
  • Death Note, by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, published by Kana

Prix du Patrimoine:

  • Un Gentil Garҫon, by Shinichi Abe, published by Cornélius

Sélection Jeunesse:

  • Chocola & Vanilla (Sugar Sugar Rune), by Moyocco Anno, published by Kurokawa
  • Doraemon, by Fujiko F. Fujio, published by Dargaud, Kana
  • Ippo: La Rage de Vaincre, by George Morikawa, published by Kurokawa
  • Kitaro le Repoussant, by Shigeru Mizuki, published by Cornélius
  • Yakitate Ja-Pan – Un Pain C'est Tout!, by Takashi Hashiguchi, DelcourtAkata

Via: MangaBlog