Popular Chinese Manga Magazine XinGanXian to be Revived as XinGanXian - Light Novel

topXinGanXian (literally New Front), one of the most popular Chinese anime & manga magazine, was suspended a few years ago due to a variety of reasons. Recently, an announcement was sent out by the old staff of XinGanXian, stating that the magazine will be revived under the name XinGanXian - Light Novel.

According to the announcement, the content of the new magazine will be centered around light novel and information related to anime and manga. Also included will be serializations of short original Chinese manga, stories, and other special features.

The first issue of XinGanXian - Light Novel was originally scheduled to be released in January as the February issue, due to editorial decisions, however, the first issue will be released as the March 2008 issue on 2/20.

Source: Sina Comics

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WTF O.o that cover O.o a

WTF O.o that cover O.o a moe chinese light novel magazine ???