Yomiuri Shimbun Looks at "Saito-san" Dramanga, More on Manga Popularity in France

The Daily Yomiuri has an article that explores the dramatization of the manga Saito-san by Yua Oda. Also, Nichi Bei Times looks at the popularity of manga in France in "Manga Gaining Rapid Popularity in France."

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Looool, this article really

Looool, this article really sucks.

C'est pas nouveau que les manga marchent bien en France. Nous avons le plus grand choix de titres de Manga après le Japon. Dans cette article pourris, ils disent qu'il sort 100 nouveaux titres par an !!! c'est ce qui sort en un seul mois.
Après ils parlent des ventes de Conan avec 1,5 millions de Ventes. C'est insignifiant. Naruto, Death note, Dragon ball, FMA, love hina, Fruit basket, one piece, bleach, Samurai deeper kyo, GTO paraissent tous entre 50.000 et 250 000 exemplaires pour chaques volumes.

Si vous voulez des informations concrètes sur les Manga en France, ne prenez pas en référence un journal paru en allemagne. C'est comme si les phillipines allait parler des ventes de jeans Levis en Angleterre. C'est ridicule.

Hum, désolé, à cause de

Hum, désolé, à cause de la police utilisé, j'ai cru que nichibeitimes.com etait allemand :p
C'est quand meme un article de merde ^^

@Psypsy Not everyone here

Not everyone here understands French, so why don't you just write in English? It's not like the world turns around France, so mistakes are bound to happen. ;) It's true that there are at least 50 new Manga each month and it's like the publishers are trying to license as much as possible. :p I'm not sure if France comes really just after japan in terms of Manga, cause there are also other asian countries who license a lot of Japanese Manga. (And they have their own too)

Sure, the world doesn't turn

Sure, the world doesn't turn around France, but if you do write an article about France, get your facts straight.
I've no idea whether France comes right after Japan, but out of all 'Western' countries, it's definitely the best place for manga, and has been for years. Long before the US market became even worth mentioning, French publishers offered a great variety of titles and genres.. And they were, and still are, cheap, too.
Outsiders discovering the French manga market and treating it like it's a stunning and completely new occurence, that's just ridiculous. And bad journalism, too.

if u ask about which country

if u ask about which country comes right after japan in terms of manga then is most probably China,Hong Kong & Korea.

Real facts coming soon

Real facts... are : more than 100 new manga titles every month. I'm currently finishing to translate the official 2007 report on the European French-speaking comic book market that should be sent to the site in a few days (maybe this week-end, not sure). Stay tuned!