Manganovel Hosts Manglish Contest, Mantanweb Interviews Keiko Takemiya

Manganovel, a service that offers Japanese manga downloads as well translations offered for sale by users to other users, is hosting the Manglish Contest:

Now Manganovel is hosting the Manglish Contest - Translate Manga Into English. Think up some cool translations of the dialog found in the contest pages on the Manganovel site. There are prizes to be won, with the best translation awarded an iPod touch. Entry is free, so have a go!

The contest began in October last year, the deadline for submission is the end of January 2008. Go here for more information on how to enter the contest.

Mantanweb has interviewed Keiko Takemiya, mangaka of To Terra..., regarding the Manglish Contest, Manga Jouhou has a translation of the interview:

MW: Right now, MangaNovel is having a contest to translate The Pharaoh's Tomb, right?
KT: I expect The Pharaoh's Tomb to be a bit difficult, so I am looking forward to it. When a person reads The Pharaoh for the first time, he will probably think "this is a little difficult, but let's read it again." Then, a better effect will be achieved when a person reads and thinks about it at the same time.

MW: What message do you have for the translation contestant?
KT: Do what I do: read a lot and think about other works you have encountered! There are as many manga as the stars in Japan, I'm sure there will be manga that surprise you! Also, we mangaka in Japan are very touched by the enthusiasm of the overseas' fans.